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In the heart of San Martino Buon Albergo, in Verona, inside the E33 Business Center, the BR04Project Technical Studio stands out, made up of a team of professional experts in various fields, equipped with cutting-edge equipment.

BR04Project Philosophy.
For twenty years, BR04Project has stood out for the creation of high-quality architectural projects that integrate the needs of its customers with the latest industry trends and current regulatory requirements. Their broad spectrum of experience spans residential, commercial, manufacturing and institutional buildings.
Each assignment entrusted bases its foundations on a shared idea, is designed with technique, carried out with competence and passion, to offer the Customer the best possible solution in full compliance with current regulations, with attention to the protection of the Territory.

 Professionisti esperti che creano progetti da oltre 20 anni, immagine in bianco e nero di due architetti maschi
Progetti di design con cataloghi e tavolozze

Experience in the design and implementation of your new project.
BR04Project proposes itself as a competent studio in the Architectural Design phase of existing and new buildings, and executive of Works Management, with particular attention to Construction Site Safety and Construction Accounting.

Excellence in the Renovation and Redevelopment of your existing property.
BR04Project pays maximum attention to urban redevelopment, aware that the renovation of existing buildings is the real challenge of our future.
The Studio proposes ideas and creates modern and sustainable spaces, contributing to the conservation of the historical and cultural heritage of the territory on which it intervenes.

Commitment to the Energy Efficiency of your project.
Each project is carefully studied, with particular emphasis on energy efficiency.
BR04Project provides support to its customers in understanding and using the available tax bonuses.

Accuracy in the survey of your real estate.
BR04Project carries out precision topographic surveys of buildings, artefacts and land, using its own modern instrumentation in step with new surveying needs.

Concrete assistance in all your land registry procedures.
BR04Project manages any type of land registry practice, from the insertion of new buildings, to the cartographic modification of existing buildings, from the subdivision of land or areas to the determination of any type of boundary.
BR04Project specializes in the planimetric definition of your urban real estate unit, defining its essential characteristics for determining the cadastral income.

Valid help for estimating your value or the damage suffered.
BR04Project draw up assessment analyzes of the value/damage relating to buildings and land, whether due to malicious causes or adverse weather conditions.
The primary objective is to determine the most probable value of the asset being valued, using the most appropriate estimation processes for its definition.
BR04Project boasts twenty years of experience in estimating the damage caused by adverse weather conditions on buildings, systems, crops and products.

Active guardian of our environment.
Respect for the environment is an absolute priority for BR04Project.
The Studio is committed to balancing the functional aspect of the projects it creates, with respect for existing landscape and environmental constraints.
BR04Project is committed to contributing to the well-being of man in his environment, paying attention to the sustainability of all his interventions.

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